Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Hair Color

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Schwarzkopf Igora Royal is a range of distinctive and bold colors. Designed by colorists for colorists seeking maximum intensity and very clear, sharp tone directions. This range is the product of over 100 years of color processing by Schwarzkopf and may very well be their best. While providing 100% white hair coverage (even on thick and resistant hair), this color range is bound to stun you with its performance and reliability. This range features a high definition color pigment matrix for the clearest tone direction, enhanced true to tuft results, and amplified intensity with maximum coverage. Lipid carriers amplify the pigment penetration and lock the color in by sealing the surface of the hair for long-lasting color retention.
Up to 50% longer color retention
Up to 25% higher reflex vibrancy
Fashion colors with up to 70% white hair coverage with clear and strong tone directions
Perfect color equalization even on proous hair
Clearest lifting shades and advanced care for maximum contrast and shine